Selected Work

The paintings describe a fractured reality, a response to an easily distracted society and the impending climate catastrophe. The landscape itself is only the starting point. My emotional response comes from the forms themselves, shapes that play off each other.

The works are developed over time, building layers, adding, subtracting, removing and rebuilding. Embracing the impulse for disruptive, the paintings are a record of previous works hidden beneath the surface. Older paintings remerging only to be destroyed again as new ideas fight to gain ground. Echoing our relationship with the land, the visibility of our lives and marking the world to leave evidence of our presence.


You can see my work in the current exhibition at Enjoy Art Gallery:

My studio is open by appointment, please phone 07866 500184 to arrange a visit:

Marsden Art Studio, 10 Peel Street, Marsden, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire HD7 6BW