Poetry & Painting

My work has featured on a number of poetry books, and in some cases I create new work in response to the poems themselves, collaborating with the poets to create a cover design that tries to capture the essence of the poems in a visual way.

What I strive for in painting is what I imagine a poet strives for in the arrangement of words. My role is to arrange elements in ways that inspire contemplation and deeper thought. I hope my work is a concrete statement about my sense of beauty and meaning. As I present to the viewer what I have done, my hope is that there is an unspoken dialogue.

Visual language

As with a poet, my inspiration includes cycles, seasons, order, rhythm, growth, life, death and regeneration. The surfaces on which I paint, and mark on, are layered endlessly, exploring colour, line, material, form, space, and art as process. This intuitive painting, the layering of colour, texture, line and shape creates a universal visual language.

'Solitary Farmhouse', oil on canvas

A language of depth replaces that of surface. The painter, like the poet, ‘sees into the life of things' (Graham Clarke)